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Houston Residential Landscaping

Most people do not take into account the amount of time they spend in their backyard. You might enjoy going outside to barbecue with friends, relax after a long day of work or spend time with your family. Imagine how having a beautiful and functional backyard could enhance that time you spend at your home. At Crew Cuts Lawn & Garden Services, we understand the importance of designing and maintaining a landscape around your home that adds to the appeal of your home rather than detracts from it.

Especially if you ever consider selling your home, landscaping can add a significant amount of value to your property, even if it is as simple as planting grass and adding a few flower gardens. Regardless of the size of the home landscaping project you are considering, Crew Cuts Lawn & Garden Services can assist you in installation, maintenance, hardscape, or the creation and maintenance of any size garden you wish.

At Crew Cuts Lawn & Garden Services, we value creativity and quality workmanship over anything else. We can take a simple yard and turn it into a beautiful lawn that you can be proud to own.Our experience in home landscapes has aided us in becoming one of Houston's premiere landscaping and lawn care companies. Many high profile lawn owners already trust Crew Cuts Lawn & Garden Services for all of their residential landscaping needs.

Residential services are:

  • Maintaining Property
  • Mowing Grass
  • Caring for Trees and Shrubs
  • Fertilizing
  • Designing and Installing
  • Controlling Weeds
  • Removing Leaves
  • Caring for Flower Beds
  • Mulching
  • And our newly added: POWER WASHING SERVICES!

About Us

Crew Cuts Lawn & Garden Services was founded with one simple principle in mind: provide unparalleled customer support and outstanding quality services. Since our founding, we have built up a staff of professionals to serve your every landscaping need. We employ experts in gardening, lawn care and landscaping to give you a personalized and custom approach to your outdoor design needs in the Houston, TX area.

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From design to finish, our experienced staff provide the expertise to ensure your landscaping project is completed on time and on budget. Contact us today and we'll show you how we can put our knowledge and THE CREW to work for you.

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